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Professionals, newly formed companies, enterprises involved in opening new branches, and agents are increasingly in need of the service of a 
virtual secretary or virtual office in order to sidestep the costs of a personal secretary.

The virtual secretarial service allows you to have a secretary on hand every day, thereby saving on the cost of a traditional secretary, eliminating the problem of having to manage absences due to vacations and sick leave.

The Business Centers make qualified, often multilingual staff available for their clients, who guarantee the daily management of your telephone line on an ongoing basis.

The virtual secretarial service also allows for replying in a personalized manner on an already active telephone number, or for assigning a new number to clients that can be integrated with a fax line, with real-time transferal of incoming calls, and online agendas for checking the messages received. 

The “Virtual Office” formula consists of:

Domiciliation: which allows your company to have a prestigious address and the possibility of also electing a registered office, and a secretary who safeguards and manages all your mail.

Telephone: managed by a multilingual secretary who answers the phone with the name of your company and sends your telephone messages in real time by email or to your website. The virtual secretary is always on hand to send you telephone messages, faxes, emails and incoming mail, as well as managing your fax number.

Agenda: for managing your appointments or answering your economic ads or staff recruitment ads.

Or if you prefer to be independent, you can also have your own staff answer the telephone by deviating the calls to our centers when the number is engaged or there is no answer: this pevents losing important calls.